Displaying and Exhibiting

Show Time is the raison d'etre of 580 Modellers:  While being able to display our latest creation at a show is undoubtedly a 'buzz', it is also our club meeting, a chance to discuss the latest news, catch-up with friends, discuss what to buy, learn new techniques, find some bargains or sought after kit and enjoy some craic, all in one action packed day!

All members, whether old or new, hardcore or casual, experienced or early practitioner are welcome at 580 Modellers.  Whatever your ability, due to the way we operate, all models will be exhibited without fear or favour.  And everyone who has joined the 580 crew has undoubtedly improved immeasurably as a modeller, for we are all very open and friendly and freely share, and discuss, what works for us, and what doesn't.  As a result you will discover, there is indeed more than one way to highlight panel lines (at least eight last time we counted!), or produce a realistic exhaust stain, which means you will invariably find a way that works for you.

Through this process we have a very talented, dedicated and friendly crew of modellers, who display their creations at many shows.  Some have been aided in trying other disciplines e.g. armour to aircraft, while with us, while at least one of our number has actually changed discipline more than once.

The Virtual Table presents our latest display subjects and will be changed regularly to reflect the models we currently have on display.  Generally, we allow a model to remain on the 'show circuit' for a year maximum.  This means every show organiser sees the model once.  Some of the more productive members of crew like to put new models on the table more frequently.  However, occasionally the rules can be 'bent a little' to enable the display of models to a theme; in the past this has included the many variations on the Sherman chassis in 1/35, early American jets in European service in 1/48, etc.

Up Close shows some studio quality photographs of models either currently, or recently, on the table and allows you to 'get up close' and marvel at the detail and skill of the modeller.

Finally In the Wings previews a variety of items either 'in production' or completed and awaiting their turn on the table.  It gives a great insight into our crews varied interests, their abilities and what gives them their 'modelling mojo'.

So sit back and enjoy the view!

Geoff Cooper-Smith, Site Editor