Photo Articles on Real Life Subjects

We here at 580 Modellers are fortunate enough to not only have a most accomplished modelling crew but some extremely talented and widely travelled photographers in our midst; one of our number is even contributing to established publications such as the new Duke Hawkins series looking at aircraft in detail.  Fortunately for us they have agreed to trawl their archives to offer us some fantastic ‘photo essays’ on a wide variety of subjects, allowing us to offer you a series of short photo essays on a variety of topics.

The purpose of these photo essays is to unashamedly offer both modelling inspiration and an excellent source of subject material.

Currently we are posting a series of Gulf War 30th Anniversary submissions on In Focus, with the first two dealing with the RAF side of the operation as Operation Granby and the now well known use of 'Desert Pink'.  These are being followed by several submissions showing the varied aircraft and camouflage colours used by the United States during their operations in Operation Desert Storm.

There are many others in the pipeline and it is our intention to provide you with a new In Focus photo essay every few weeks.  They will not stay on the website forever, so please do keep coming back!

Geoff Cooper-Smith, site editor