Fine Moulds Ki-10

Subject:        Imperial Japanese Army Ki-10-II Type 95 Perry

                     Kato's Fighter Squadron

Item No:       FB14

Scale:           1:48

Includes:      Plastic and waterslide decals

Reviewer:    Ian Poulton (UK Scalemodeller)

Build Review

I had heard some very good things about FineMolds kits but had never built one until this. I've never really been that interested in Japanese aviation myself, but interwar biplanes are really my thing so I took a look at Finemolds Ki-10 'Perry' (apparently pronounced 'kee ten')

Out of the box, the plastic was crisp, clean, with no flash and some great detail. The quality of the kit really came home to me when I started building it though. Every piece was almost a snug push fit, every location pin is individually shaped so parts are always aligned correctly.  This is especially useful on the interplane and cabane struts with the top wing dropping into place with no real effort;  no rage quitting and snapping struts here.

The only fit issue I encountered that was not my fault was a slight rocking forwards and backwards of the windscreen, but this really is a nothing and again indicative of the overall quality of the kit.

The three very similar schemes were a simple all over Imperial Japanese Army grey-green but the one I chose had curved orange sections around the wheel spats. I have never enjoyed curved decals on curved surfaces and these were no exception. They were also rather thick so I painted the markings instead.

The kit was a delight to build, the engineering on the kit is exceptional and it goes together in a very clever and well thought out way.

Would I buy another and build this model again? Well they do another boxing with a rather attractive 3 tone camo scheme, so yes definitely.

"Highly Recommended"