We are fortunate enough to have some very talented modellers in our midst, who are also extremely capable photographers. This allows us to present some of the models from our Virtual Table, Up Close, so you can see the detail in all its glory.  We also include a little bit about what's in the box and what was used to complete and detail the kit, so its not a build review, just allows you to 'be there' at the table and us to answer any questions you may have as you peer intently!

Currently we gave two very different subjects to inspect in Up Close, the Tamiya 1/48th scale P-38G Lightning and the Academy 1/35th scale AH-1Z.  These are both recent kits and hence very much worthwhile seeing Up Close.

Tamiya 1/48 Lockheed P-38G Lightning

So what hasn't already been written about the Tamiya P-38?  Released in 2019 (and in time for ScaleModelWorld) there have already been extensive reviews and with the aftermarket manufacturers scrambling to be first with their offerings a more recent plethora of 'showcase builds'.

The kit itself although highly detailed comprises a reasonable 225 parts (including clear), three large chrome ball bearings for weights, masks for the canopy, decals, a black and white instruction sheet and a fold out in colour for the two options (an F and a G).

The completed model here is by 580 crew member Lenny Brennand and is almost 'out of the box' the only aftermarket enhancements being an Eduard stainless steel harness (late) and Print Scale decals depicting My Little Pig flown by Lt. Jack Jarrell Jr of the 485th Fighter Squadron, 370th Fighter Group.  It is painted with Hataka Lacquers - Neutral Grey and Olive Drab (late).

The 485th Fighter Squadron had a very short history indeed, forming in Massachusets in mid-1943 using P-47s.  After transferring to Europe before the D-Day landings they converted to P-38s, but by March 1945 they had converted to P-51s. Just over six months later they were back in the USA and within two months been deactivated.

Academy 1/35 USMC AH-1Z "Shark Mouth"

This recent release is very comprehensive indeed, comprising four grey sprues, one clear sprue, a set of vinyl masks, a fret of photo etch and a cartograph decal sheet for four versions.  The 'Zulu' Cobra is the US Marine Corps latest upgraded variant, equipped with a rotary 20 mm cannon, AGM-114 and AIM-9 missiles as well as rocket pods and a host of other enhancements.

The completed model is by a recent addition to the 580 crew, Lenny Brennand.  The model is very much out of the box apart from the addition of a DEF Model USMC AH-1Z Viper Pilot set, which comprises 12 resin parts and an etch fret, allowing a variety of poses and equipment to be selected.

The kit is painted in Hataka Lacquers, with Dark Ghost Grey and Light Ghost Grey used for the main scheme.

The kit decals were used and depict AH-168961, coded SM-47, of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369 (HMLA-369) based at Marine Air Corps Station Iwakuni (Japan) in April 2018.

Having looked at reviews on the web, this is evidently an awesome kit and Lenny has very much done it justice.